Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Ways to Make Meal Time Easy

1. Plan ahead, know what you are going to make in advance. Always have pantry staples on hand for a quick fix.

2. Start with healthy meals early in life and keep them simple. Frozen veggies, healthy grains and a lean protein can be made simply, easily and FAST.

3. Eat as a family. We know schedules are complicated. Shoot for family meals on weekends if they aren't possible on the weekdays.

4. Maintain a routine as much as humanly possible. Children thrive on routine. Having their body clocks set to eat at specific times of the day makes it easier on them. They like predictability.

5. Use ingredients your family loves in a new way, branch out so that it doesn't get boring. There are so many variations on the same ingredients. Change up your cooking methods, grill, sauté, puree, steam, mash, you get the idea.

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