Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Giving Quinoa a Second Chance

After hearing all about this amazing protein rich super seed (that everyone insists on pointing out is pronounced "keen wah"), we decided to give it a try. We looked past the fact that it resembled what you would feed a pet parakeet, threw it in a pot of chicken broth and let it boil away according to the box instructions. Our hopes were high, but the finished product was pretty much a dead ringer for boiled birdseed. The texture was mushy and the flavor was beyond bland. Something along the way had gone very, very wrong.

Time has passed now and we have decided to give quinoa a second chance. We have tested out tips from folks who swear that quinoa is worth all the hype - and have found success! Some important things we learned are: 

-Use the freshest quinoa available (we get ours from bulk bins that have a higher turnover than boxed varieties).
-Always rinse the quinoa before cooking just like you would rice. 
-Boost the flavor with a dressing or seasonings, just cooking it in broth will not add enough flavor.
-Don't overcook! It should take about 15 minutes to get the right consistency.

Recipes to come!

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