Thursday, February 28, 2013

Small Kitchen Gadget Essentials

Our top picks.

Cooking fresh ingredients every night for your little ones is vital to keeping them strong and healthy, yet sometimes this can feel like an unbelievably daunting task. These inexpensive kitchen gadgets make weeknight dinners quick and easy.  Here are the 3 kitchen 'must-haves' that we just can't live without:

1. A good peeler for whipping up a delicious sweet potato mash or making an adorable cucumber sandwich.

A good peeler makes dinner ten times faster.

2. When it comes to pulling out short pastas, potatoes or vegetables from boiling water, this hand held strainer keeps you from having to drag the pot all the way to the sink.

Short pasta, no problem.

3. Want to insure that you and your family actually eat the berries and grapes you buy? Get one of these strainer/serving bowl combos.  Makes washing and serving fruit SO much easier!  The kids will love washing fruit for their snack. (This one is totally our favorite!)

This makes washing fruit painless.

We found all of these products from Sur La Table although we recommend looking on sites like Amazon to find these types of products at the best price.

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