Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Supermarket Budget Tips

Staying on a budget at the supermarket is not easy, but it's certainly do-able and often necessary.  Don't let it get you down! Here are some of our favorite tips for sticking to your budget while still making weekday meals feel fun and exciting.

1.  Plan meals in advance.  This one is HARD for us 'go with the flow' type folks who like to see what strikes our fancy when arriving at the store.  Often this is the biggest money sucker of all.  Getting only the things you need means less waste. Plan meals you know you and your family like but also contain nutritional value like our chicken enchiladas or cuban picadillo.

2.  Have a couple of those meals be vegetarian. Vegetarian often equals cheap.  And healthy! Check out our simple and delicious tofu noodle stir fry.  Less meat means less money spent but also more nutrition.

3.  Have breakfast for dinner one night a week.  This is a fun and easy way to save money!  We bet your kids will enjoy whimsical breakfast night themes. If your kids like eggs you may want to try our cute crustless quiches.

4.  Don't get sucked into the coupon trap.  Use coupons when you can for things you need, but watch out for the unhealthy trap.  Often coupons are for unhealthy processed products that we never wanted in the first place.  Look at circulars for what produce is on sale instead.


  1. Purchases sure do add up! From buying something for myself like a new top, to food shopping and utility bills, it feels like my paycheck disappears each month! But, I've learned how to save money on a variety of products by becoming a coupon-oholic, using social commerce sites, buying second hand, and avoiding anything brand name.

  2. Somehow we missed this comment, these are great ideas. Love getting coupons in the mail. Thanks for sharing :)