Friday, November 29, 2013

Keep Mealtimes Stress Free and Fun

Making a healthy super fast meal is one way to keep mealtimes stress free, like this protein packed Turkey Wrap.

Here are our five tips to keeping mealtimes stress free and fun, for your own sanity and theirs.

1. Mentally prepare yourself because they may not eat what you prepared.  You need to act nonchalantly when this happens. Mental preparation is key.  When they don't eat much of what's on their plate, that's okay.  Don't make them another meal, just offer it to them again later if they're hungry. They won't die of hunger, but you will want to have yourself committed if you keep letting it get to you.

2. Play music - it is scientifically proven that music can change your mood.  It will make your kids happy and it will put you in a good place and take away temptation to have the T.V. on.

3. Speaking of T.V....turn the T.V. off.

4. Tell stories together, sing songs (this is a good trick for toddlers) engage with each other.  Kids love attention from their parents.  This is the perfect time to give plenty of that!

5. Realize that how much your kids eat, is out of your control. But what they eat totally is.  As long as you keep to a food schedule, offer balanced meals and do not make a second 'kids meal,' they will learn to eat when they're hungry.

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