5 Ways to Get Kids to Stop Snacking All Day

Serve snacks that are rich in nutrients to fill those little bellies for longer and avoid the cycle of never ending snacking.

  1. Have a meal and snack schedule so your little one's body gets used to when it's going to be fed.  3 meals, 2 good-sized snacks. (This also helps their circadian rhythm, aka sleep patterns.) 
  2. Eat snacks sitting down and not in front of the TV when possible. We know there are plenty of days when this may be hard, but avoiding mindless snacking teaches them to listen to their bodies and know when they're hungry vs bored. 
  3. Serve snacks that are healthy and rich with protein and fiber. For example, trail mix or banana with peanut butter. Snacks like crackers keep kids full for only a short amount of time, making them suddenly hungry for real nutrients sooner.
  4. If you do need to add an extra snack, (hello growth spurt!) make it a fruit or veggie that will satisfy but not spoil their dinner.
  5. It's OK to say no to a snack. We want our kids to eat their meals but they'll only eat them if they have a healthy level of hunger. (We certainly do not mean that they should be starving, just ready to chow down!)