Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Ways to Serve Up More Balanced Meals

Between laundry, work, dishes and activities, we are busy! Getting our kids to eat healthy balanced meals everyday can sometimes slip by the wayside. Hey, that's life! It's not too late to get back in the saddle. Here five of our favorite tips. If you have some to share, we would love to hear them so please add them in the comment section.

1. Use plates with dividers, they remind us busy parents to offer a variety at each meal.

2. Have fruit and vegetables on the counter and fridge at eye level so it's an easy quick choice.

3. Have your kids be a part of selecting food in the supermarket produce aisle (or farmers market!), they like having a choice in the matter.

4. Take advantage of hungry kids at snack time and serve fruits and veggies with dips or as smoothies.


5. Plan meals in advance and prep food. When you don't plan ahead, you are more likely to fall back on quick unhealthy options.