Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Breakfast Made Easy (And in Advance!)

Cute Crustless Quiches
Cute Crustless Quiches can be made in advance and be reheated quickly throughout the week. Customizable with your kids' favorite ingredients. 

Whether you stay at home or work, mornings are just BUSY. And now that kids are going back to school, getting the most important meal on the table can feel like a giant hurdle, especially before that first cup of coffee hits. Our solution for groggy fast paced mornings…make breakfast in advance then pull out and serve. It's that simple, and so satisfying. It makes us feel pretty darn productive around here.

Here are some ideas to get you out of that breakfast rut.

These yummy monster muffins make a great breakfast on the go! Loaded with grated zucchini, banana and walnuts

Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats
Pumpkin spiced overnight oats. This gooey, creamy, comforting dish is keeps tummies full and taste buds happy. If you haven't tried overnight oats, you are missing out!

Mini Zucchini Fritattas
Mini Zucchini Frittatas

Breakfast snack plates are quick to throw together.  Try dried and fresh fruits, nuts and protein packed make ahead treats like these refrigerated energy bites.

Overnight Oats
Creamy overnight oats made with honey and topped with fresh fruit. Make a big batch on Sunday night and you'll have breakfast for the rest of the week!

Boiled eggs save well in the fridge for easy breakfasts before school or play dates!