Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family Meal Plans- Healthy Comfort Foods

Here's our meal plan for the week with links to the recipes below, some from our site and some from other favorite sites. What are you making this week? Share with us @foodfitforkids on instagram, #foodfitforkids.

Bean Burritos
This is our super quick, pantry meal for the week. All Trader Joes products; olive oil whole wheat tortillas, refried beans, and Monterey Jack cheese. Super easy and the kids love it!

Turkey Meatloaf (Food Network) w/ Roasted Sweet Potatoes  (Food Fit For Kids)
Looking forward to this meal! Plenty of leftovers for lunch throughout the week. Excited to try this meatloaf recipe which adds minced mushrooms for extra moistness.

Slow Cooker Beef Chili  (
Nothing like chili in the crockpot!

Spinach Lasagna (Allrecipes)
This dish is loaded with veggies and cheese. Win for parents and win for kids.

Pot Roast (Food Fit For Kids)
Love adding extra veggies for this meal. Versatile and delicious.

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