Little Helper Shopping Lists

The more they help the more likely they are to try new foods.

Most of us experience the super market as a chaotic and stressful trip, often with children in tow.  On those glorious days where there's a bit of extra time and life seems to slow down just a tad, why not have your little kitchen helpers give you a hand?  In other words, time for a quick art project!

Have your little ones create a list in picture form that they can use to check off items as you shop.  While creating the list you can ask them thought pondering questions like where do tomatoes come from?  Do they grow in the ground or on trees?  Is this bread whole wheat? Where does wheat come from?  What does spinach do for your body?  Makes you strong, of course!

Obviously this can't happen on every trip, but it sure is a fun activity for every once in a while and will remind your children to think a bit more about the food they eat. Just like with cooking, children are more prone to trying food that they've had a hand in selecting.  

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