Farmers Market + Kid= Little Foodie

Want to encourage your kids to be adventurous eaters?  Farmers markets are the perfect family outing for just that!  With loads of free samples and gorgeous displays of colorful fruits and veggies, your kids will be tempted to touch, smell and taste.  Encourage them to use all their senses and find something new.

This little guy picked out some bok choy to try for the first time.

Little foodie tips for the farmers market:

-Go with a recipe in mind that you can make later with your child.

-Have your child help choose the produce, encourage them to smell and hold it.  Talk about the colors and the texture.

-Encourage kids to ask the vendors questions about their produce.   Find out where the produce is from, how it grows, what are recommended ways to prepare it, etc.

-Take advantage of free samples that are offered.   Set a good example by being willing to try something new.

-Make the recipe together as a family.  Kids love to help out in the kitchen, it gives them purpose and confidence. Plus they are more likely to eat what they've had a hand in making.

He LOVED IT!  Couldn't stop smelling and tasting while saying "Yummy!"

For Roasted Bok Choy Recipe, click here.
We'd love to hear about your family trips to the farmer's market!

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