5 Ways to Get Toddlers to Try New Foods

1. Cook with them-
Kids are more likely to try food they've had a hand in making. Smelling and touching are precursors to tasting, so encourage them to help! Cooking together doesn't have to be complicated, simple tasks like mixing, rinsing or pouring can get little ones involved and excited about new ingredients.

2. Farmers markets-
All the bright displays of produce (and free samples) will evoke your toddler's natural sense of curiosity. Encourage touching and smelling!

3. Let them pick something new at the grocery store in the produce section-
Involving your toddler in ingredient choices gives them a sense of control. Kids love to make choices and buy things.

4. Expose them to one new food every week-
Regular exposure to new foods will get your toddler's palate accustomed to new flavors and textures. Don't worry if they aren't wolfing it down - the point here is for them to get used to unfamiliar ingredients on the table. A small taste is enough.

5. Grow your own veggies/fruit or pick your own at a local farm-
Let your toddler explore and marvel at how beautiful and amazing mother nature can be. Picking fruit and veggies usually leads to tasting, they can't help themselves! Kids are naturally curious.

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