How To Store Fruit So That it's Actually Eaten

We all know that fruit is one of the best snack options; it's healthy, it's quick and it's easy.  So often fruit is thrown away because it's gone off before anyone has had a chance to finish it.  Here are our three tips on making fruit appealing to the whole family so that it is not wasted.

1. Keep fruit on the counter or table in plain sight. We love to throw bananas, apples, peaches, avocados or whatever else on hand in a bowl on the counter.  It's the first thing we see when walking into the kitchen making it an easy snack option. Your kids can help themselves.

2.  Keep cut and prepped fruit at eye level in the fridge.  Prep fruit as soon as possible after purchasing to make it a more enticing option.  Often if it isn't prepped right away, it gets pushed to the side and eventually goes off and needs to be thrown away.  Cut and put in storage containers. 

3.   Keep the freezer stocked!  Frozen fruit is fantastic for all the obvious reasons, it keeps for a long time, maintains its nutritional value and can be used in so many things.  Fruit smoothies are kid approved, fast and easy.  

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