The Joy of Eating

Meals aren't automatically a joyous experience, kids have to be taught that food is to be savored, enjoyed, and felt with all senses.  But how?  Here are our 5 tips to doing just that.

1. Bring an upbeat mood to the table. As parents we get to set the mood for the meal. 

2. Talk about and use different senses; taste, smell, touch, sight and sound.

3. Family meals are important, so have them as often as possible. Kids love your undivided attention. Food = Family.

4. Cook together! Doing this may inspire a love of cooking that may be lacking in yourself.  It creates bonding time, childhood memories and a respect for food.

5. Pass down recipes from other family members. Part of the joy of eating is nostalgia and warm memories. Create those with your kids and they will pass them on to theirs.

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